Get In with our basic curriculum package.

Custom Video Production At One Of Our Studio Locations

Send your pastor to one of our three studio locations across North America- Orange County California, Nashville Tennessee*, or Vancouver British Columbia*. We will set your pastor up on one of our beautiful sets and film the teaching in a one day session. All sessions will be filmed with broadcast quality 4K cameras- future proofing your investment for years to come. You will be provide both a HD digital files as well as a custom DVD and customized packaging.**

Online/Phone Coaching

Our coaching team will walk you through the process of preparing your staff and congregation for the launch of your campaign. Topics include- recruiting hosts, motivating your congregation for involvement, how to launch new groups, what to do each week leading up to the campaign, what to do during the campaign, and how to maintain the momentum after your campaign.

Host Quick Tips Videos

Your hosts will have access to our library of Frequently Asked Questions answered by small groups experts, pastors, and ministry leaders. Questions such as, “What do I do with someone that talks too much?” or “Can an introvert be a good host?”. These Host Quick Tips will give your hosts quick tips and encouragement as they go about their small group journey.

Marketing Videos

While in the studio, your pastor will record a series of short promotional videos that will be used for the Sunday Worship service, email blasts, and social media promotions. They will give a little glimpse of what is to come and encourage your core, congregation, and community to get “All In” with this campaign.

Standard Workbook

One of the beauties of All In is that the workbook is already done. Available now at Amazon, you can purchase as many workbooks as you need for your congregation right now. The workbook is designed to be affordable for you to get as many “All In” as possible. The workbook includes session notes, daily devotionals, and group life and health appendices.

*Use of the Nashville and Vancouver studios are available at an additional cost
**Materials- books and DVD’s- and travel expenses are not included in the final price.

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